Male 1/12

We are opening the pre-order for our latest doll. This time it's male, only 15.5 cm in height! Check out dedicated section of the site or... Place an Order Now!

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Our new updated Angel model. Don't be confused by the absence of wings, the models is the same, while the wings are still in development. We've redesigned the joints to make them more appealing.  

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Our article in

Our recent article on digital doll production got published It's Art online magazine. It's Art covers everything that's related to art and technology from visual effects and games to something as crafty as making dolls.  We follow them on…

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Eve Studio: Digital Doll Making

Brief overview of how we make our dolls.

Digital Doll Making

In this article we’d like to give you a quick look at how our dolls are made. This will include talking about 3D modeling software, 3D printing technology and manual post-production. If we were to describe the entire process in all it’s detail it would take ages. That’s why we tried and compress the information as much as possible. And still the article turned out to be rather lengthy, so take a deep breath and bear with us.

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1:12 Male

We've just recently started to accept pre-orders for the tine girl, but the male prototype is already on the way. Expect more news soon!

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Pre-order is open for 1:12 Doll!

We've launched the pre-order for our tiniest doll! Here name is Michelle. For more information watch the video below and check out the dedicated section on this site. You can use an ORDERING FORM to make an order. Cheeeers!

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Very little doll indeed!

Keep your eyes open for an official announcement. The prototype is here, and it ROCKS! Subscribe to our Newsletter (sidebar to the right) to get this and other hot news on time!

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Angel / WIP

Angel is our most complex doll to date. It has detachable wings and the top of the head can be removed too. Inside of the head you'll find levers with which you can adjust the direction of the gaze.

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