Order Snake

At the present time we offer the following options for ordering the Snake. First of all we offer regular Assembled, Ready to be Assembled and Raw Parts kits. You can read about them HERE.

In addition we have a selection of colors, and that’s where it gets slightly complicated. We have simple coloring and advanced coloring. Simple coloring is a basically a solid color for the entire body. Advanced coloring is more complex. It implies intricate patterns and therefore is more expensive.

To learn more about coloring options we encouraging you to play with the ordering form which has all this information presented visually.

Third options is a custom one. We are prepared to paint a snake based on the reference you provide. But before ordering you’ll have to write us a a letter with a link to the image. We’ll have to check your reference before we can say for sure if we can produce the pattern you are looking for.

Ready to be assembled kit can only be done with simple coloring. It does include eyes, but the inside of the mouth is not airbrushed. The entire body is a solid color.

On the image below you can see how actual doll compares to a reference. Don’t expect an exact copy.

Order Snake