Learn about the Materials we use.

There’re basically two ways to get a doll from us. The quickest one is to go to the Online Store and buy an existing doll. The downside to this is that choice of dolls in the Store is obviously limited by what we have in stock and there might not be a specific model you need, since we have dozens of varieties. In this case you might want to order a doll to be made specifically for you in accordance with your parameters. This would be custom doll and you can order one here on this site.

You start by choosing a model (select Pets or Humanoids from top menu) and filling out a special ordering form. To send a doll into production we’ll ask you to pay the advance which for the majority of dolls is 50% (we work exclusively through PayPal). “How long would it take to produce a custom doll?”, that’s a reasonable question. The answer is “It depends”. On average it’s 3 months, but it can be as fast as one month or in rare cases as long as six months. Once the doll is ready the client pays the rest of the price + shipping and the order is shipped (the handling time is usually 2-3 days).

In order to understand why it can be hard to predict the production time you need to know a little more about how the production works. It all starts with us accumulating the orders. We collect custom orders for six weeks so that we can send them to be 3D printed (or molded) in bulk. This part can take anywhere form two weeks to a month. When the doll parts come back we check them for defects. If defective parts are identified (usually there are several in each printing) they have to be redone. This means that some orders can be delayed right from the start. But lets assume that everything goes well, and all the parts are now send for cleaning (or polishing if its molding). That can take several days, depending on the volume.

Next stage is coloring. 3D printed dolls are colored by dyeing. We literally boil the parts in pigment. And all the dolls of the same color are colored again in bulk. For instance, one day we might be coloring all the brown pet dolls, the next day is dedicated to red dolls and so on. Preparing pigment is not dissimilar to alchemy, because tiniest mistake can produce undesirable tints. So if something goes wrong at this stage we either have recolor the parts, or (if it’s impossible to fix) we have to reprint the parts.

Next stages are more predictable but still time consuming. Dolls have to be airbrushed and assembled. That includes making of the eyes and insertion of magnets (if there are removable parts).  All in all the production of a fully assembled doll takes months. Luckily you don’t have to order an assembled doll. You simply can order doll parts which is chipper and faster to produce. Basically there 3 available packages:

Fully assembled doll


Ready to be assembled doll

Here the parts are colored, but they are not airbrushed and not assembled. Airbrushing is used to achieve some of the gradients (usually for the snouts of pets). This package also includes fully made eyes, a string for assembling, magnets (if needed) and a piece of wire which helps in stringing.

Raw Parts

It’s the simplest version. White uncolored parts are just cleaned from powder and shipped with a black eyes, magnets, string and wire. It is assumed that the client either has the experience to do the rest of the work or the production will be outsourced to a different doll-maker.

But no matter what you order with us please do remember that we always deliver. Even if it takes a long time to produce we do our best keep the clients satisfied.

Getting back to the Online Store it’s worth mentioning that layaway option is available for the ready-made dolls