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Michelle is a tiny 1:12 doll which could only be done with 3D printing.  It is unique in a sense that despite it’s size the doll is very detailed. The eyes are the actual eyeballs and you can adjust the line of sight. Wigs are easily interchangeable, since the top of the head to which the wig is attached is held by magnets.

There are 2 packages available.

The Primary one is $699. It includes:
-Fully assembled doll, polished and primed. With airbrushing and makeup.
-Extra top of the head (for a wig)

The Budget Package is $349. It includes:
-Doll parts, (polished and primed)
-Wires and elastic for assembling

You can also order an extra pair of eyes and an extra wig. Notice that when you order an extra wig, you get a wig already attached to an extra head part. So you can swap wigs very quickly.

Order the doll NOW!