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This are very durable, highly detailed dolls with polished surface. They are currently available in three skin tones: white, light and dark. Coloring is achieved by dyeing which ensures that the color will not wear out even at the joints. Joints are also covered on the inside with a thin film of glue for better friction. The dolls are stringed with elastic and they hold poses very well.

Important: if you are doing your own make up, don’t polish the face. And also avoid using acetone. You can however apply alcohol and you can protect makeup with acrylic varnish.

1/12 format is ideal for doll houses since furniture oftentimes also comes at 1/12 scale.

Resin (3D print)

Fully assembled doll
(no makeup and no wig)
Blank eyes
Head cap for the wig

All this at a new price of $375 ($349 if you decide to go with pure white tone)

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