Hey everyone!
We are starting a new lottery! The prize this time is not a specific doll, like we did previously. This time around you get to CHOOSE what doll you receive, because the winner gets a $400 Gift Certificate from us.

You can use the Gift Certificate to pick any doll you want from the Store or you can use it to pay for a Pre-order. If a doll you like is cheaper than $400, you get to keep the unspent amount for later use (or give it to someone else). Or you can purchase a more expensive doll and use the Certificate to cover part of the payment. Do as you please!

How to participate?

Anyone can enter! All you have to do is to persuade a friend to subscribe to our Facebook group. Only one friend! Ideally it should be someone who’s into BJD (so that they can enjoy being part of it), but it’s not a requirement.

Once you have your friend subscribed,

>>drop us a message through this form.<<

Give us a link to your friends profile (so we can evaluate the subscription) and we will send you back a confirmation letter. Remember, your friend has to subscribe during the period when we receive entries. This period is from

May 23, 2017 to June 15, 2017 (three weeks).

Also this person has to be someone not subscribed before May 23, 2017.

The receiver of the main prize will be chosen randomly (as always, we’ll be recording a video). We also have a second and third prize. Second is a 20% discount certificate, third one is a 15% discount.

Best of luck to all of you! Thanks for being part of the community, we can’t express how much we appreciate it!

Any question! Contact us at once! 🙂