Assembling A Fennec

Assembling a Fennec

We already have a video on assembling a cat, and most our dolls are put together in a similar fashion.…

Dyeing A BJD Cat

Dyeing a BJD Cat

Dyeing polyamide is a complicated and intuitive process. This video demonstrates the coloring of a Chocolate-point cat.

Airbrushing A Fennec

Airbrushing a Fennec

Airbrushing is not simple and requires lots of practice. So don't be deceived at how simple it might look on…

Assembling A Large Cat

Assembling a Large Cat

Take a note that this video was recorded¬†around 2014, and right the process of assembling a cat is slightly different.…

Making Eyes

Making Eyes

Eyes for all of our dolls are made inside the studio from scratch. Here's how we do it.