We employ different technologies and materials in production of our dolls. But the primary ones are:.


Polyamide is used for 3D printing. Printed cats are lighter but they have interesting texture to them. The velvety matte finish you can see on prints is a natural texture. We used to polish all prints, but now we don’t, because once polished, it’s impossible to apply dyes uniformly. And we like the texture too. Since we do dying on prints, colors penetrate the material and they don’t wear off easily and in addition Polyamide is a very strong! Majority of our dolls are printed.


Polyurethane (or resin) is a common choice for molding. It’s preferred by some of our customers, because it’s smooth, slightly heavier and it feels nice to the touch, even though resin dolls tend to be more fragile and they don’t hold the pose as well.