The BJD Kittens have finally arrived and they are available for pre-ordering and for the immediate purchase in the Store.

We greatly appreciate all the amazing support and feedback that our Kittens have received from BJD community and we’ve decided to try our best to make this line of doll cats as affordable as possible.

As always you’ll find the price-list HERE, but we would like to briefly explain how the price is formulated and how you can order a Kitten. There are two possible variants: you can order a fully assembled Kitten or you can get Raw Parts, which you will then assemble and paint yourself (we have video tutorials outlining the whole process).

Raw parts start at $98, while the smallest fully assembled Kitten can be purchased for $215. You can add an extra magnetic head (magnetic heads a super easy to swap) which adds 15% to the base price. A more complicated color pattern like tabby increases the price by $39. You can also get extra pair of eyes. In other words the size and the properties of an order greatly influence the final price.

There are two types of pre-order that you can place. One is a REGULAR PRE-ORDER, but you can only use it to order Raw Parts (will be shipped within a month). Fully assembled Kittens are all in the Store. If a Kitten you want is out of stock you can place a Backorder right there. Backorder means that we are going to make exactly the same doll for you withing 6 weeks. Layways are available!

You can alter individual properties of a Backorder by sending a follow up email.

If you have any question, please drop us a note!

Best Regards,

Eve Studio Team