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Comme Liliane,Michelle est arrivée en France facilement,bien protégée dans sa belle petite boîte.
Et elle est vraiment magnifique,maniable,expressive,délicate, et soigneusement détaillée!
C’est ma deuxième commande,et certainement pas la dernière…
Encore merci beaucoup!

Erika Bray

Aujourd’hui ma magnifique petite Lilian est arrivée en France rapidement et bien protégée…
Et elle est vraiment incroyable,très réaliste,très photogénique,merveilleusement détaillée,avec une parfaite mobilité.
Merci sincèrement pour cette extraordinaire petite bjd,et pour votre agréable communication.

Erika Bray

Bought a 16cm Tarantula and I’m really glad I made it. It’s really well made. Highly recommended if you search for a pet for your BJDs or just for a cool animal to take photos of.

Black Cat

I love it!!! The customer service is awesome and I think I got my doll really fast! I also love the photo of my doll taken by the studio ❤

I think this is the best place to get a pet for your doll ^^ it’s a dream come true for me.

Jamie Marda Chen

I ordered a 6 cm Oriental cat. It is really beautiful and I do not regret my order! Thank you again for your work!

Zajac Laetitia

After years of waiting to buy an animal bjd, I found a wonderful Fennec Fox, beautifully colored, with four heads !!! on your site. He came very quickly, in only 2 days after leaving the Russian processing, and in perfect shape. He is enchanting, poses beautifully, and looks so charming with my MSD dolls. His four unique interchangeable heads are so easy to change, and without stress to the pieces. They really change the mood greatly and multiply the pleasure of playing with him. He is very photogenic and real looking, with the texture of his body very realistic. He is very worth the price, and I recommend these wonderful creatures to everyone !

Leslie Taylor

I purchased a 14 cm Brown Tarantula and I am super happy with this wonderful doll. He poses incredibly well, looks wonderful and he’s absolutely perfect!
Ordering my tarantula worked great, he was shipped very securely and arrived in perfect condition. Communication about the order was very helpful, friendly and quick. 
Thank you so much!


I purchased a 9cm Oriental cat to hang out with my SDs (I have 55cm-70.5cm dolls, and if you’re trying to determine scale this is a great size for all of them). I am absolutely in love with the little kitty now that she is here. The engineering on the body and lightweight material of the 3D printed cats allows for so many natural kitty poses, she’s an absolute joy to photograph! Thanks so much!

Amet K.

I adore my Michelle doll! I have never seen a more perfect doll for a dollhouse! She poses so well and is fantastic in my ‘room box’. I am thrilled with her!
Thank you for all your hard work! I am very grateful to finally have a 1/12 scale doll that really goes in a dollhouse well! The furniture and things for dollhouses are so realistic, but the dolls never where. They are now!

Michele Hunt

I received my 6cm cat unassembled and it exceeded my expectations. I ordered grey/brown with gradients and I was pleased that it looks great even though I didn’t add a face up. I watched the assembly video several times and I was able to assemble it without too much trouble. I had the jewelry making tools already. My only problem was with judging how long to make the elastic. The next one will be a snap.

Liz K.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Bjd Pets, my little pug is lovely, beautifully made and painted.
Alex always answered my questions promptly and the delivery was fast.
I would recommend Bjd Pets to anyone and I will be buying from them again.

Catherine Eschalier

Evethecat cats are adorable. I ordered a British cat made of 3-D printed plastic. She came out very well done, with fine detail, all parts accurately drilled, plenty of wire and elastic for stringing.I followed the stringing tutorial on Youtube and, several hours later, ended up with a 1:6 scale cat, perfect for my customized dolls. She reaches up and begs, stretches, curls up to sleep and crosses her paws in a very realistic manner. So cute! ^_^ Overall I had a good experience with Evethecat. We had clear, relatively prompt communication, and they informed me as quickly as they could when there was a delay. Evethecat allowed me to pay off my balance in installments, and I appreciated that flexibility. My package shipped promptly, and the contents were well padded.

E. Allen

Ordered my cat a little over a week ago and he’s here and he’s beautiful. I was so intrigued by the company, their videos and their passion for creating that I had to have one. I have been collecting Ball Jointed Dolls for over eight years and am extrelmy picky when buying dolls. These in 3-D are a perfect example of where the industry should be heading. I can’t wait to get more. Thank you so much for making these.

Penni Walker

Beautiful cat, superbly designed, perfect proportions and very well engineered joints.
Looks and poses exactly like a real cat.
Nicely painted, my cat has lots of character.
A true work of art.
I highly recommend the work of Eve Studio ^__^

Marina Arthur

Eve Studio is lovely to work with, and my cat is wonderful! It is very intricate and nicely finished. I am very pleased with my kitty, and so are the rest of my BJD family.

Sara Varner

I bought a ball-jointed Sphinx cat (4 cm). I was totally satisfied: My cat is perfectly modeled, colored and strung. The shipping was Ultra fast via EMS and the conversation prompt, friendly and helpful. I can highly recommend the ball- jointed cats

Sabrina Jens

Fantastic kitties!! I love my two new cats, one dark gray and one cream point Siamese. They’re both 8cm which is a perfect size with my SD bjds. They’re the best little posers ever and look adorable by themselves or with my dolls. I love them!! Now I want a bigger one to hang out with my Super Gems! Not only are the cats themselves wonderful, but your customer service is outstanding!! I’m a happy customer and will be back for more!

Julie Murphy

The cats look very expressive.
The shipment is very fast.

Chris J.

I got a 9cm British cat for my SD/SD13 (1/3 scale, 60+cm) sized Asian ball jointed dolls. It is the perfect sized adult cat for them. It poses very well and looks natural. Also very cute.

Kristen Loseth

Awesome cat doll! I love how pose able it is and the soft texture is incredible. As a bjd collector, I am very impressed with these dolls and love the fact that it looks so much like my real cat!!!

Carrie Cahill